Writings and Excerpts

I was asked to be a poetry judge for Dead Flowers. Here is the issue with my prologue and choices.

A thousand-word menage scene that won me a book contract with No Boundaries Press can be found here at After Dark Online.

The novel will be based on the scene. Here's a quick excerpt:

"Grace shuddered into Marco’s warmth. His large, calloused hands swept her evening gown over her shoulders, leaving her clad only in lace from the waist down. Her breasts pressed against his naked torso, the tips grazing his skin, on fire at the touch. A wanton lake of desire opened within her, and she shifted, just slightly, allowing his powerful thigh to nudge her apart. Their bodies melted together. She’d made her decision."

You can find my serial novel The Holy Seed at efictionnotice.com.

"Michael Blackwood is escaping his past and  runs smack into Lilly Pressy. Taking up residence in a sleepy Rhode Island town, he finds that not all is as it seems.

As Lilly tries to break away from Remos, RI, her family and religion hold her back. The religion that usurps everything, the church that controls it all.

When she and Michael inadvertently discover what goes on behind closed doors, they're forced to fend for their lives...and their love."

Based on a true story.

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