Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Finding Home Cover REVEAL!

I'm excited to show you the cover of my new book coming out on December 19th! Not only is this my favorite cover of all time (so far) it's also my favorite book (of mine, lol).

It's a great little piece, in my opinion. Probably my best work (and seriously, check out that hero. Nice job, artists.) So without further ado: Finding Home!

"Jessica Deitermeier is on the run from her family and from herself. The rings her mother bequeathed to her upon her untimely death are worth millions, and her uncle will apparently stop at nothing to get them.
She makes her way from Boston to Minnesota and finds work on a small farm. Everything goes smoothly for six months...until the farmer's 'prodigal son' comes home. The dark, moody Ben Elkers shakes Jessica on a level she doesn't understand.
When she sees the way the family pulls together, she makes a decision. Even though she wants to stay and see things through with Ben, she has to go home and stand up to her own family.
Ben Elkers is a failed businessman. When he loses all his money in bad investments, he makes his way home to Sauk Centre. After having left his parents years ago without so much as a phone call for the holidays, he's surprised when they welcome him with open arms, but even more surprised at the fiery red-headed girl sleeping in his old bed.
After a whirlwind Christmas, she up and leaves, and Ben starts to understand what he must have done to his small-town family and friends. When a business decision finally goes right, he takes off to find Jessica, this time taking pains to stay in touch with his roots.
Will either of them ever find home?"

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  1. Great cover. I can't believe people are actually the gorgeous.