Friday, November 2, 2012

Romance Thesaurus - Part II

Okay, so we've covered penis and boobs. Next up? Well, let's continue to explore those two terms. Did you know that the parts of the penis and boobs are used so often they need their own entries?


Honestly? You're best bet is to use nipples.

When you can't, peaks also works as a term. You've also got nubs, tips, and buds.

On second reference, you can even use skin. Example: "He ran his tongue over the sensitive skin."

I will side-eye crests, and I will laugh out loud at pebbles.

Now, more important than the word itself are the adjectives that come along with the words.

You can go with color: Plum, rosy, reddened, pale...

You can go with physical sensations: quivering, trembling, aching, tightened, protruding, throbbing, tingling...

Or describe them in their current state: wet, moist, shivering, hard, pert, puckered (God, I hate that one...but, I mean, it's true. They do pucker)...

Then there are the actions that another character will carry out upon these poor nips.

He or she can: capture them with his mouth, run his tongue over them, suckle them gentley, tease them with his teeth, apply the slightest pressure to them, give them feathery kisses, breathe softly onto them, nibble them, rake his teeth over them (gently, of course), suck them hard, wet, lav, or lick them, roll them between his forefinger and his thumb, run his calloused hands over them, thumb them, swirl his tongue (or thumb) around them (sometimes hitting the sensitive nub), or flick them (with his tongue, his finger, whatever. I've yet to see someone try to flick a nipple with a penis. Maybe you can try that?)

Okay, let's move on to our male section of this helpful guide!

If you want to refer to a guy's junk, and you've already covered the peen itself, what do you use?


You can just use balls or sac. Orbs and globes also work. (Usually these are paired with such adjectives as hairless, rosy, warm, hell, even perfect...obviously we've never seen balls. Either that, or we're reclaiming the word.)

And then there's the smell. How do you describe that in a sensual way, right?

I go with clean. That's simple and effective. Some authors go for earthy, spicy, dusky or like the ocean. Some go as far as salty musk. You know, whatever works.

Heroes or heroines can do several things with balls.

They can palm them, cup them, massage or knead them, lick or suck them, take them into their hot mouths, tease them with their feathery breath, etc.

Definitely do not pinch them or do anything down there with your teeth.

So, how about the peen tip?

Penis Head:

You've got tip, head, ridge, mushroom (which I don't like, at all), flared edge (flared tip also works).

The head can be: engorged, flared, hot, searing, glistening...then we get a little iffy.

A lot of people also use the words: seeping, weeping, moist...I hate all of these. I'll pass them through because they seem to be what's 'done,' but, in my opinion, anything that sounds like it should be checked by a doctor should be left out of your manuscript.

Just my two cents.

Anyway, stay tuned for the next addition. We have so much more eroticism to get through.

Anyway, you get the point. It's all in the action.

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