Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fall in Love Giveaway Hop!

fall in love giveaway hop
The Fall In Love Giveaway hop was organized by Reading Romances!
Hop around for the best free reads money can't buy!
Well, this is my first giveaway hop, so go gently with me!!

At this stop you can win a few of my romances!

First up, Hit and Stay!

"Jake Harrison has a bad habit of swooping to the rescue. Once burned, twice shy, the detective prefers to do the saving...and the leaving. But when he finds socialite Andrea Wadsworth collapsed in the street, he wonders if this time he won't be able to get away so easily, especially since his past is coming to find him.
Andrea Wadsworth thought she had everything she ever wanted—an ambitious and gorgeous fiance, stability and looks to kill. One suspicious phone call leads to her life's undoing and she finds herself on the run from all she once adored, the only person able to help her being a complete stranger. The smoldering Jake Harrison.
Together they unravel an unlikely political plot, but in this game of love and loss, with all the betrayal surrounding them, will they ever be able to trust again?"

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Next up: Body Combat!

"Charles Whitaker is taking his fall from grace hard. Once the top architect in San Diego, his business partner cooked the books and ran off with all his earnings. When the money left, so did his wife. To help Charles' re-focus his energy on the future, he's taken a Body Combat course. Only he
can't focus on anything but the beautiful instructor, Sammy Logan.

Sammy doesn't date clients. Even if she did, she's sure they'd run in the opposite direction as soon as they found out that she has no money and spends all her time protecting her mother from her drunken father. Still, the well-built man in the third row catches her eye and won't let her go without a fight. When her father crashes his car, Sammy has nowhere to turn and runs smack dab into Charles Whitaker.

Together they try to mend a 25-year family rift, caused by greed and stubbornness, by proving that love is more powerful than money.

But is it?"

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Lots of ways to win right here! Thank you for stopping by!

What you can win here: Romantic Suspense Hit and Stay AND Contemporary Romance Body Combat (Ebooks)
Number of winners: 4
Open to (INT, US or US/CAN): International
How to enter:
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  1. Thank you for the giveaway =]]] both books look really interesting

  2. Books sound great! Love a new book to read

  3. HIT AND STAY sounds really good!!


  4. Both books look so good, it is a hard choice.

    susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com

  5. I think I would read Body Combat first. Sounds good.

  6. Hi, you are a new Author to me so i would be happy with any of them thanks for giveaway..

  7. I'd prefer Hit and Stay, both sound good, but this story sounds more appealing to me :)
    oddball2003 at hotmail dot com

  8. Hit and Stay. Love romantic suspense and it sounds great.

  9. I would be happy with either book because they both sound like great reads.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  10. I would like either one! They both sound awesome! Thank you for the giveaway!