Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Break for Beauty, Elizabeth Hawksworth

Break for BeautyBreak for Beauty by Elizabeth Hawksworth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If given the choice between poetry and prose, I gravitate toward the latter every time. It's not that poetry isn't amazing in its own right; I'm just one of those people who needs the words to surround me, build a picture, not with emotion and feeling, but with text. I feel prose more than I do poetry.

That is not the case with Break for Beauty by Elizabeth Hawksworth.

I picked it up, expecting the whole thing to go over my head and leave me cold. Instead, an intense and emotional narrative enveloped me.

Perfectly chosen pieces flow into each other as easily as each artistically chosen word beats meaning and life onto the page.

Here you will find raw and base emotion dissected into intelligent ideas and original thought.

The tortured pen paves the way for reader breakthroughs with each phrase.

And the upswing of poetry is that it's perfect for people who can't commit themselves to reading for long stretches of time, like moms and business people.

If you've got a few spare moments, you've got time to Break for Beauty.

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