Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cover Reveal - Body Combat!

My next book, Body Combat, will be coming out on September 12th, 2012. And I've just gotten the cover!

I kind of love it, to be honest. Sure, the guy looks a bit like he photobombed the heroine's photoshoot, and I'm not sure why someone would wear purple eyeshadow to the gym, but I even love both of those things. I have the best cover artists.
Here's the blurb:
"Charles Whitaker is taking his fall from grace hard. Once the top architect in San Diego, his business partner stole his clients and ran off with all his earnings. When the money left, so did his wife. To help Charles' re-focus his energy on the future, he's taken a Body Combat course. Only he can't focus on anything but the beautiful instructor, Sammy Logan.

Sammy doesn't date clients. Even if she did, she's sure they'd run in the opposite direction as soon as they found out that she spends all her time protecting her mother from her drunken father. Still, the well-built man in the third row catches her eye and won't let her go without a fight. When her father crashes his car, Sammy has nowhere to turn and runs smack dab into Charles Whitaker.

Together they try to mend a 25-year family rift, caused by greed and stubbornness, by proving that love is more powerful than money.

But is it?"
Very exciting!

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