Thursday, October 31, 2013

Memphis Nights Giveaway WINNERS!

Happy Halloween! After a fabulous book tour with great reviews, we've got our winners.

Winning the three copies of the book are:

Veronica Cummings
Andrea Cordova
Jenn Tillery McElroy


And the $25 Amazon giftcard goes to:

Carra Edelstein Saigh

Thanks to everyone for participating!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Memphis Nights Book Blog Tour

The blog tour for Memphis Nights is just around the corner and chock full of amazing book bloggers and reviewers. Don't forget, there will be a giveaway, so make sure you stop by one of these pages and sign up!

Here's the lineup!

Oct. 15 – A Place That Does Not Exist, SPOTLIGHT / EXCERPT,

Oct. 16 – Accidentally Mommy, SPOTLIGHT,

Oct. 17 – Dakota Rebel, AUTHOR INTERVIEW,

Oct. 18 – Nina’s Literary Escape, SPOTLIGHT / EXCERPT,

Oct. 22 – The Mind Meanders, SPOTLIGHT,

Oct. 23 – Busy Mom’s Book Reviews, REVIEW,

Oct. 24 – Book Nerds Anonymous, REVIEW / EXCERPT,

Romance Bookworm, REVIEW / SPOTLIGHT,

Rolo Polo Book Blog, REVIEW,

Oct. 25 – Rose’s Book Blog, REVIEW,

Oct. 26 – A Bookish Escape, REVIEW / SPOTLIGHT,

Oct. 28 – Accidentally Mommy, REVIEW,

Oct. 29 – Two Tall Tales, AUTHOR INTERVIEW,

Oct. 30 – Faerie Tale Books, REVIEW,

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Bell Jar, Sylvia Plath - Book Review

The Bell JarThe Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I picked up this book because Sylvia Plath is an inspiration to one of the best writers I know.

And it was good, it really was.

I wasn't in the right frame of mind to read it, though. I'm a happy, bubbly person, and it's hard for me to understand depression, despite my attempts. I was disappointed that Plath couldn't really explain what changed as she went through the different phases of the book. I didn't expect her to be able to, but I had hoped. An unfair hope, for sure.

Everything seemed very emo, fittingly so, given the author, but not something I could relate to.

Questions I wanted answered went unanswered...the most menial of which being, does she ever regain her ability to write, penmanshipwise?

Some interesting lines:

"Woman haters were like gods: invulnerable and chock full of power. They descended, then they disappeared. You could never catch one."

"It would mean getting up at seven and cooking him eggs and bacon and toast and coffee and dawdling about in my nightgown and curlers after he'd left for work to wash up the dirty plates and make the bed, and then when he came home after a fascinating day, he'd expect a big dinner, and I'd spend the evening washing up even more dirty plates till I feel into bed, utterly exhausted."

I'm glad I read this book, but I'm equally glad it's over.

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

COVER REVEAL: Memphis Nights

My newest book, a romantic suspense entitled Memphis Nights is coming out in September, and I've just received the cover!

Aster Dunn has an axe to grind against the entire world. Just twenty-one, the girl is one of Memphis' top bounty hunters, spurred to action when her parents were brutally murdered by criminals on the run. She lives alone and hopes to die alone, quickly and heroically. The first time police officer Brian Cultry interrupts her catch, she chalks it up to bad luck. The second time, she's not letting him go. She needs all the help she can get because keeping Dick Harbinger off the streets isn't business. It's personal. 
When her two-faced friend, Laurette, breaks into her apartment with Dick and sets her on the run, she finds herself knocking on Brian's door—or, more accurately, lying in his bed. Now she has to choose between protecting her friends or saving herself.
Police officer Brian Cultry had always put his job first, until he met Aster Dunn. After a night together, he can't get the woman out of his mind, and agrees to help her bring in her next catch…from the other side of the law. Together they learn whom to trust and whom to burn.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Romance Thesaurus - Part IV

The other night, I was having a conversation with my friends, and, yet again, the ridiculous nature of romance euphemisms came up. It's been a while since I've done a Thesaurus post, and while we've covered breasts, penises, nipples, balls, peen heads, butts and their holes, there is still so much ground to cover!

How about...

Crotch area (female)

That sounds super romantic, doesn't it? No? Well, never fear. Romance writers are here to help.

Acceptable terms for this are: mound, core, center and apex between her thighs.

You can also use curls, as in "he reached out to caress her dark curls." Of course, be sure through context, the reader the reader knows you are not referring to her head. Also, don't use the adjective "coarse" with her curls. That's okay for men, not so much for women. Realism isn't big in the romance world. Ask all the men getting blowjobs in their bathtubs.

Notice, I'm not touching the actual vag yet. That's another post. I can't hardly even with the words for that one.

That said, lets move onto...

Crotch area (male)

Here is where coarse curls will work, particular if you have "her eyes travel down his hard abs, trailing the hair that culminated in coarse curls at his base."

Oh, there you go. Base is another word you can use.

Groin is acceptable for men, usually used as "blood pooled in his groin."

Loins is a big one. You'll see a lot of action in his loins.

In either sex, genitalia or genitals is rarely used, though I have seen it here and there.

Hmm, let's do one more...let's make it a good one. How about cum?


One of the most important things to remember, before we get really into it, is the difference between the verb and the noun.

People are going to come, coming, about to come, etc. Then when they've come, the cum spurts inside her, lands on her chest,  splatters on her body, coats his hand, etc.

You get the idea and see the difference, right? God, these posts are so gross.

Okay, so how do we refer to cum?

Cum works, believe it or not. Perfectly acceptable.

There can be spurts of it, ribbons of it, streams of it, shots of it, ropes of it.

You can refer to it as cream, juices or moisture...but, please. Don't.

A good thing to call it "She licked it off her lips."

I, personally, would love it if you didn't have your character lap it up in any form. Whether he's lapping up cream from his lover's chest, or lapping up juices from his girlfriend's "core" I cannot even contain my cringe.

We are people, not dogs. A good mantra for a romance writer to keep in mind. Unless, of course, you're writing shape-shifter porn fic. Which is more common than you'd probably think.

Oh, gosh, and one of my most hated terms is weeping. I know some authors who prefer the term, but please, for the love of erotica, don't make your peen weep. That brings to mind...not sexy things. Maybe a doctor's visit is in order.

Okay, I've had enough for now. Stay tuned for the next edition, whenever I regain my stomach to post it!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Walk in the Snark - Rachel Thompson: Book Review

A Walk in the Snark A Walk in the Snark by Rachel Thompson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I'd like to start out by saying I love Rachel Thompson. The woman is a promotion god. She's friendly, she puts her time in, she makes the connections, she works incredibly hard. She's a total inspiration to me. She does what I wish I could.

That being said, her book could have greatly benefited from an editor's eye. I could be wrong, and I'm sure this was her intention (to mix up the chapters as the blog posts they actually are) but to put a book together you need continuity, transition and a reason for the reader to be there.

If I wanted to read a blog, I'd have read hers. It's different. Blog posts have titles, synopses, a social presence. Books...don't.

The heavy stuff needed more than a "Hey, this isn't going to be funny, deal with it" announcement. Because it's not that it wasn't funny. It's that it was out of place, and all of those serious posts flowed together in a way that needed to be presented together.

Other issues I had have nothing to do with her writing, so much as I simply don't have as much in common with her as I assumed I did. For instance, I'm a SAHM / WAHM blogger, and I make drinking jokes all the time. Like, all the time. But half of her martini jokes left me flat for some reason. And Prada. Name brands and, I don't care about them. And it's mentioned a lot. And all the times she's trying to make a joke about her husband going to the store, I have to stop and think, "But, Rachel! YOU HAVE A HUSBAND WHO GOES TO THE STORE!"

We simply speak two different blogging languages which is so strange since they are so incredibly similar. A few differences, do indeed, make all the difference, I suppose.

In the end, I was really disappointed in this book. It's a bunch of blog posts strung together without consistency about stuff that somehow doesn't apply to me.

I'm still going to read Mancode, and I hear Broken Pieces has a more serious bent, so I might try that one as well. I really want to like this woman's work and I'm determined to find something she's done that I can rate higher.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Love and Summer by William Trevor

Love and SummerLove and Summer by William Trevor
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Love and Summer is a very well-written story, where the dialogue and simple description steal the show. The way in which Trevor sets up issues and slowly reveals their backgrounds and solutions is subtle and understated, lacking in drama, and thus transforming his literature into a deepening look at a time period and personal journey through ideas rather than schlock. It all fits together in a sound package that I quite liked, however, if you are looking for a thrilling page-turner, this book wouldn't be for you.

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